What to do and know when your dog is pregnant


Hello everyone and thanks for watching my channel, today I would love to share the beautiful experience that I am going through Actually it's about my little dog "Shorty" she is 3 years and 3 months old I do not know which is its correct cross but as you can see it is very small, long and has short legs Well already 6 weeks pregnant Well we are very excited and learning a lot since it's the first time I have a pregnant dog This is Sunday, one of my other beautiful daughters that I rescued 2 and a half years ago She was abandoned like her 7 newborn siblings in a box in an outdoor garden of a school near here Thank God, while walking Shorty, we saw that box with 8 puppies And I thank God because I know he put it on the road and so we welcomed him into my home One of the things that I learned from Shorty's pregnancy is that she has had or has the same pregnancy symptoms that a woman experiences at the beginning it nauseated him, he refuses the food that he loves such as raw chicken, beef She loves those meats very much However the first 5 weeks I was not as hungry as now that it is already in its 6th week Now practically eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and how can you see does not have so much belly We already did 2 ultrasound scans and just that I want to talk to you As we all know, dogs are descended from wolves and they, that is, the dogs have the capacity, the potential, whatever they want to call it to be selective of embryos to decide the number of embryos that she will have in the first ultrasound that we did the veterinarian visualized 4 embryo sacs that happened on day 30 of pregnancy Later on day 40, we returned to the veterinarian for the 2nd exam and that's when we discovered that there were not only 4 embryos in her uterus but 6! what happened to the 4 recognized in the first ultrasound was a natural abortion, that is, they were no longer alive As I tell you, she had a natural abortion and it was there when the veterinarian and obviously I had already been investigating He told me and I confirmed that what he had told them a few moments ago bitches have the ability to select embryos especially when they know they will have complications in childbirth or his life would be in danger that is, when bitches know that they will have difficulty in giving birth more or less at day 30 - 35 is where they usually have these natural abortions and said embryos are reabsorbed there they have another great thing that the dogs have They can reabsorb embryos to the point as if they had never been conceived that is something important that we should know! good and after receiving this news, the veterinarian could finally visualize only two fetuses that they had already developed their limbs, head, and detected the heartbeat at day 40 so I got excited which I would suggest to anyone who has a pregnant dog please do not force them to eat if they do not want especially the first weeks the same portions that before eating were eating since it is a natural response to pregnancy they lose their appetite they reject their favorite dishes Do not worry either if the 6th week they still do not notice the tummy according to the veterinarian Due to the fact that my dog ​​has only two puppies inside her tummy it is not so notorious as if to say, a Golden, which normally houses 9 puppies.

So that's why they do not get stressed It all depends on the number of fetuses that the bitch has and other factors such as race and certain individual characteristics of each dog Pregnant dogs sleep a lot but I think if you have the possibility of taking them out for a walk do it for 5 or 10 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week because sometimes they get stressed or bored If your dog is used to jumping into your bed, sleep with you in your bed I suggest place the mattress on the floor to avoid getting hurt when getting on and off the bed which could imply a risk for fetuses in the uterus, so please consider it! And finally, I suggest you feed them well.

I always choose to give them natural food raw or cooked meats like chicken, res I always make them soup I prefer not to give them processed food because it has been proven that it causes a lot of discomfort, due to the additives and chemicals that they contain, such as allergies among other diseases So, if your dog is pregnant as far as possible, I suggest you give natural food It contains natural proteins, vitamins and minerals! By the state of my dog, I have been preparing sopitas and also for my princess Sunday that is right here In these sopitas I put chicken, beef, sweet potato, vegetables, a little liver and oats sometimes I add egg white for more protein.

Remember that if your dog is pregnant, she needs much more attention, affection and affection Give them the best because they deserve that and more.

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