How to Clean Your Dogs Ears! Tips on Safely and Easily Cleaning Your Dogs Ears!

hi everybody and welcome back to Relax My Dog today me and Milo here are going to be talking about how toclean your dog's ears now this video in particular isn't to remove any sorts ofinfections you must visit a vet if you do fear your dog has any sort ofinfection this is just to keep on top of cleaning your dog's ears as you would doyour own ears as well so let's get started now you can actually buy manydifferent sorts of ear solutions that will help tacklethat's a bacteria but today we are actually were making our very own allyou need to do is have one part white vinegar or apple cider vinegar and onepart of water just mix this together and that should be enough to clean your dog'sears we'll also need some cotton balls do not use any sort of cotton buds theyare extremely dangerous for both your ears and also your dog's ears because ifyou push them in too far they may either get lost or you might damage somethingwithin your dog's ears which you obviously do not want to do so before weget started we do have three top tips the first one is to keep the environmentvery very positive for your dog don't make it out to be a very big affair isjust sort of making it quite casual and don't stress your dog out about it atall if you do need to keep your dog calm and relaxed definitely do play somerelax my dog music this can definitely help to calm them down the second one isto don't to use a cotton buds and then the third one is to use gloves if youfeel it's necessary or you can just clean your hands personally I don't haveany access to any gloves I'm just going to be using clean hands to clean mydog's ears okay so there we have three different steps on what to do whencleaning your dog's ears the first one is to start on the outside of your dog'sears for example as you start to stretch out your dog's ear so you can see the full circumference of it just wipe around the area with the cotton bud do not pushthis into your dog's ear because this could cause serious damage you just needto sort of very very softly clean the outside area obviously if yousee anything that is worrying to yourselves consult a vet before you gofurther the second one is to start moving inwards obviously do not pushthis inside your dog's ear as I said just start to slowly in circle motionsstart to work towards the center of your dog's ears being very very gentle andcautious make sure you don't have too much of the ear wash solution on yourcotton ball as this could actually mean that you're pushing the solution intoyour dog's ears and it could actually get water damagein there so when you've got your cotton ball makes you squeeze the excess out soit is sort of soaked in it but not overly soaked in the solution then asyou start to move and circle your weight into your dog's ears you should then becleaning them and it's really really that simpleand then our next step for number three is to get a new cotton ball when you'removing to the other ear obviously if your dog has an ear infection in one earyou do not want to spread this across to the other air so make sure you'regetting two separate cotton balls and it is really really that simple obviouslyif you do need any help definitely do consult your vet if you want a littlebit more again visit your vet and ask them if it is the right thing to do ifthey do have an ear infection you do not want to make this any worse for your dogas obviously your dog's ears can be very very painful if you do somethingwrong with that and that is it thank you so so much for watching guys we do haveto go through our t-shirt a giveaway all you need to do to win it your veryown relax my dog t-shirt is pop over to our Instagram and post the funniestpicture that you have of your dog we posted a super cute picture of Milo inhis st.

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