How to clean a dog’s ears – Vet Advice


When it comes to cleaning your dogs ears there's only a couple of things you really need a good a cleaner this will dissolve the wax help get it out of the ear canal and some cotton wool cleaning your dogs ears is best done with the aid of a helper the best way to restrain a dog is with one hand placed under the belly gently restrain the back end with the other hand placed gently under the muzzle wrapping the fingers around just to steady the head.

Gently hold the ear flap and lifting it up very gently you can identify opening to the ear just taking your ear cleaner Squirt the desired amount in and placing the thumb just below the opening of the ear with your fingers back here gently massage the circular motion you're locked in here like squirting sound still keep a hold of the ear flap as this will stop the your dog shaking its head and covering you in ear cleaning fluid take a piece of cotton wool gently on the end of your finger in a very light corkscrew in here and you'll get a lot of debris on the end of your cotton wool you want to repeat this a couple of times you'll notice the dog is showing no signs of pain or discomfort and then gently let go of the ear flap and they often shake the head.

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