Dog Health Treatment & Advice : Signs That a Dog Is Pregnant


Hi, I'm Doctor Aimee Beger, and I'm a veterinarian,and today we're going to be talking about ways to determine if your dog is pregnant.

The best way to determine if your dog is pregnant is to go to the veterinarian and have themdo a palpation of your dogs abdomen, but, what you might find at home is that your dogbecomes.

Becomes enlarged in the abdomen, or kind of a big belly.

Sometimes her mammaryglands do enlarge, and nipples eventually become enlarged as well, which indicates thatshe's producing milk.

Other signs you might see at home are that her appetite has increased.

She may become thirsty.

And that she may become a little bit more needy during the process.

Near the end of pregnancy, however, she may seek solace and want to, kind of, start tonest in a little closet or bedroom off.

In the house.

And, other ways you can determine,of course, if your dog is pregnant is to do x-rays and, or ultrasound at your veterinarian.

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